Double Girder EOT Crane in Chennai, India

Double Girder EOT Crane Manufacturers in Chennai, India

The AMSAK Double Girder EOT cranes have a trolley with hoisting and cross-traversing equipment that moves on top of two bridge girders. Two hook blocks suspended from the hoist drum support the lifting beam, and a special anti-sway rope arrangement for rotating the lifting beams makes AMSAK cranes durable.

The plate box architecture used for the bridge girders provides enough strength and stiffness. For stability, within the box are given full-depth vertical diaphragms. Short diaphragms are placed between full-depth diaphragms to support the rail portion that supports the tram. When necessary, horizontal diaphragms are offered to keep web plates from buckling.

All cranes are equipped with full-length or customized platforms/Walkways based on the customer’s requirements.

For crane LT drives, cranes with 4, 8, 12, 16 and longer travel wheels are available depending on the design specifications. Depending on the client’s needs, variable frequency, and variable voltage drives, also known as VVVF or VFD drives, may control the motor speed and torque. We also create unique slip-ring motors with resistance control for our clients.

Advantages of Double Girder EOT AMSAK Cranes:

Capacity up to 300 MT
True Vertical Lift
Robust construction suitable for heavy-duty application
Alloy Steel, hardened, precision-cut gears
Unsophisticated maintenance on the hoist with a foot-mounted gearbox casing
Foot-mounted hydraulic thruster brakes for hoist
L Type housing for long travel wheels
A full-length platform on the long travel(LT) drive-side girder
VVVF drives are available as an option

Amsak Cranes has offered various double girder overhead crane designs for customers around the world. Contact Amsak Cranes to get your double girder overhead crane now. If you need any type of crane, please contact us.

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