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#jibcrane, also known as a jib arm crane or jib boom crane, is a type of crane that features a horizontal arm (jib) that is attached to a vertical mast or support structure. The jib arm can rotate horizontally, allowing the crane to provide extended reach and manoeuvrability in lifting and moving objects.

Let’s learn what a JIB crane consists of!

1. Mast or support structure: This is the vertical component of the crane that provides stability and supports the jib arm.

2. Jib arm: It is the horizontal arm that extends from the mast and can rotate horizontally. The length of the jib arm can vary depending on the specific crane model.

3. Trolley or hoist: The trolley is a mechanism that moves along the jib arm, allowing the crane to lift and transport loads. It is typically equipped with a hoist or winch for lifting objects.

What makes #AMSAK’s JIB cranes sturdy and versatile?

Our JIB cranes are commonly used in various industries and applications due to their versatility and compact design. Some of the common uses include:

1. Industrial applications: JIB cranes are frequently used in industrial settings, such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and assembly lines. They are employed for lifting and moving heavy objects, equipment, or materials within a limited area.

2. Loading and unloading: JIB cranes are often utilized for loading and unloading operations, especially in ports, docks, and shipping yards. They can efficiently handle cargo, containers, and other goods from ships or trucks to the ground or vice versa.

3. Construction sites: JIB cranes find applications in construction projects for lifting and positioning construction materials like steel beams, precast concrete elements, and tools. They enable the precise placement of heavy items in challenging locations.

4. Automotive industry: JIB cranes are utilized in automotive manufacturing plants for tasks such as engine installation, moving heavy parts, and assisting in assembly processes.

5. Maintenance and repair: JIB cranes are helpful for maintenance and repair work in industries or workshops. They can assist in lifting machinery or equipment for servicing or replacement of parts.

6. Small-scale operations: Due to their compact size and flexibility, JIB cranes are commonly used in small-scale operations like workshops, garages, and even home-based workshops. They provide efficient lifting and handling solutions for lighter loads.

AMSAK cranes offer a cost-effective and practical solution for lifting and manoeuvring loads in various industries. The JIB crane’s ability to rotate horizontally and cover a specific area makes them suitable for applications where precision and flexibility are required.

Move around easily with #AMSAK!

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