Industry Served

overhead crane in steel mill

Steel Mills & Steel Service Centers

Amsak has a resourceful product range that can address different requirements of the steel industry. We have supplied a number of cranes to the steel industry for various applications like foundries, steel stockyards, forge shops, hot metal handling, ingot/billet handling, coil yards and cut-to-length lines. We have also supplied highly specialized cranes with multiple hoisting trolleys and sophisticated yard control systems suitable for integrating with yard management.Our cranes are used at several forge shops for handling raw material, dies and finished goods.


Amsak Cranes manages general manufacturing industry challenges. Industries require a lot of lifting and moving of heavy loads. With advanced features such as Target Positioning, Sway Control and Micro Speed, your load goes exactly where you want it.

eot crane in manufacturing unit
pulp and paper crane

Pulp & Paper Mills

We provide pulp and paper cranes which can cover every stages involved in the process. It doesn’t matter whether you are lifting raw pulp into treatment vats, or taking finished parent rolls off the main production line. As customer orders arrive, you need to move your paper supplies into and out of storage as desired. Whatever the task, we have cranes specifically designed for paper manufacturing.

Granite Industry

We provide quality lifting solutions for the granite and concrete industry too which are ideal for your precise application. Our team of engineers can custom-design for the most demanding and complex applications; no matter what your requirements, Amsak expertise can improve your productivity and add value to your operation. Our equipment are specially designed to handle the heaviest and massive loads even under cautic conditions. They can carry all the building materials like glass, marble, granite with efficiency.

lifting solutions for the granite industry
construction crane

Construction Industry

Amsak Cranes also offers a wide range of products for the construction industry. This crane is being offered with varying spans, traverse, lift and even speeds, custom built to suit your project constraint. Projects such as roads, flyovers, bridges and tunnels demands handling of hefty and massive loads. The requirements are extensive from handling of precast segments to removal of sludge. We provide a well-organized material handling system, which is durable and strong-featured.

Automobile Industry

We, at Amsak Cranes have worked with all the dominant and leading automobile manufacturers. We have supplied a number of cranes to the automobile industry for various applications. We offer a full range of cranes for all purposes from material handling to fabrication for the motor vehicles. ​. ​Our equipment lifts everything from small components in the production process, to heavy engines and auto frames on the assembly line.

crane in automobile industry