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Special Features of our Industrial Cranes

Amsak Cranes is Specialist in Cranes Manufactures in Chennai, India for the past 30 years

Amsak Cranes has a unique difference from other manufactures.

  • We had manufactured a span of 50 mtrs without any web plate joint in top, side and bottom plate: Capacity 40 Ton
  • We don't have any web plate joint in the complete span. This proves that the box girder have more durability, no welding requires in the web plate. We are proud to say that we are one and only crane manufactures having this type of facility in India.
  • We are using all reputed German brand of motors i.e. SEW/NORD/SIEMENS
  • Facility for manufacturing - 2.5 Acres in unit II and .75 acres in Unit I
  • Separate Service Department looking after – AMC & After - Sales
  • We have supplied our crane all over India.
  • Our Strength is in delivery on time supply.
  • Reputed Quality Durability, long lasting for long years.


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